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Time of Year: Winter

Half Day Program
Snowshoeing is a fun and active way to explore and experience the beauty of the Claireville Conservation Area during the winter months. Students will be given an introduction to the history of snowshoeing as well as what to be on the lookout for while we are on our snowy adventure. Time permitting we will be venturing through the forest, up and down hills, and over flat land in order to ensure the best possible snowshoeing experience. The Claireville Conservation Area has abundance of natural wildlife and it is common to see many animal tracks and often we see a family of deer who have made the conservation area their home. We also have a flourishing chickadee population, because of this we have an option to stop at our birdfeeder to hand feed the chickadees. This promotes an up close and personal interaction with our wildlife that often brings a huge smile to our student’s faces - it is something you won’t soon forget.

Please note that the OPHEA supervision ratio for grades 7-8 is 1:15 for this activity.

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