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"They loved the sugar bush experience and just being in the forest. Hiking and Exploring! Seeing deer on our way out on the bus was their icing on the cake!!"

                                                                A TDSB Grade 3/4 Teacher

Types of Field Studies

"Active" Field Studies VS "Passive" Field Studies
  • the teacher is a facilitator and resource person VS the teacher/expert is a tour guide
  • the field is the source of data VS the teacher/expert is the source of data
  • the student is a participant VS the student is an audience
  • the student collects raw data and processes it later VS the student collects "processed" data
  • the student forms their own conclusions VS the student summarizes the conclusions of others
  • skills include observing, recording, classifying, generalizing, summarizing VS skills include listening and note making
  • connections are made by the student VS connections are made for the student
  • the student’s attention is focused VS the student’s attention is directed
  • the student is allowed to discover what there is to see VS the student is told what to see
  • end product: knowledge as understanding VS end product "knowledge as content"
  • knowledge goes beyond the experience VS knowledge is limited to the experience
Both types of field studies have value, but each type of study provides a different kind of learning experience for the student.