Getting Ready For Your Visit


One Month Before Your Visit:

  • Confirm your program request online (check your Outlook account) 
  • Complete the Teacher Notes box to communicate in more detail your goals for the field trip, any medical conditions, program modifications, lunch options, and eco-school connections
  • Call Site Supervisor at EFSC, if you require a wheelchair accessible bus (905-794-2171).
  • Contact volunteers. 
  • Begin collecting old markers to bring to the Centre for our recycling program, in conjunction with ColourCycle.

One Week Before:

  • Respond to email request from EFSC for updated student information and final confirmations.
  • Obtain your class Student Excursion Report one week in advance of field trip date. (available from office staff on Trillium: Report Generator).  This is required for all classes.
  • Give volunteers necessary background information about the students, their responsibilities and the field trip (goals, lunch, indoor shoes, outdoor clothing, timing, scent free environment and cell phones).
  • Organize students into groups or pairs. Pairing students before the trip will help prevent disagreements among students as well as expedite the program.
  • Prepare student I.D. All students are expected to carry with them identification, including home, emergency and school telephone numbers. Optional, but greatly appreciated- student and volunteer name-tags,  (Name on wide masking tape on outside clothing works well)
  • Collect student user fees and submit to your Office Administrator
  • Discuss field trip goals with students. Create a web of themes, concepts and questions. 
  • Review expectations for behaviour, outdoor clothing, waste-free lunches, cell phone use, reusable water bottles and indoor shoes.  Please also remind them that EFSC is a scent-free environment.
  • Purchase food for cookout (If you have chosen this option).
  • Print post-visit journals (link to the left) to be completed upon return to school (If you choose to do these).

The Big Day:

  • Bring Student Excursion Report (Trillium). (Bus Seating Plan is not required within GTA)
  • (optional) Bring Anchor charts with concepts,learning goals and success criteria,  themes and questions for EFSC staff to use during your program.
  • Make sure that any students, who have allergies or other medical needs, bring their medication and supplies (e.g., inhalers, epi-pen's, insulin, sugar, etc.)
  • Bring a camera and cell phone if available for photos.
  • Make sure bus driver knows directions and schedule.
  • Bring old markers to the Centre for our recycling program, in conjunction with ColourCycle. 
  • If doing a cook out, bring food and supplies.


  • Mark student absenses and finalize student, volunteer and teacher numbers on the Student Excursion Report.
  • Give a copy of the Student Excursion Report to staff. 
  • Alert the staff to any learners that have medical concerns or learning exceptionalities ( i.e. ELL, HSP, IEP, ADHD etc.)
  • Discuss with the staff (at anytime) ways to meet the needs of your students!
  • Supervise students during lunch. 
  • Advise volunteers and visiting teachers to kindly use your mobiile devices to only take photos/videos of classroom displays. Please ask permission to take photos of students and staff.  Otherwise, please turn your mobile device off or to silent during instructional time inside and outside. In case of emergency, please notify EFSC staff and step away from the group. Lunch is a great opportunity to take a class photo.

After Your Visit: