Your class will have a much more enjoyable day if they are properly dressed. Most of the day of your visit will be spent outside, regardless of the weather. Close toed shoes are required. It is imperative that you discuss this with students.

Weather Conditions Clothing/Equipment Required:

Rainy/wet: raincoat, boots, indoor footwear
Snowy/cold: winter coat, winter boots, hat, scarf/neck warmer, mittens, snow pants, warm socks, indoor footwear
Sunny/hot: running shoes, sunscreen, hat, indoor footwear (socks are fine)

A PDF file titled "Dressing for the Weather" is provided for you to send home with your students.

We have available, rain ponchos, waterproof boots, and cold weather clothing.

For safety and to keep our facility clean (during all seasons) it is necessary that ALL VISITORS bring a pair of indoor footwear.

Students, staff and volunteers are required to bring indoor footwear as you will be asked to remove your outdoor shoes/boots in the mudroom before entering the rest of our building.  As well, we encourage you to bring reusable water bottles for the trip.

Toronto Public Health's Tick Fact Sheet.