Excursion Permission Form

Please hand out and collect Form 511C: Parent/Guardian Permission for Excursion from the TDSB Excursion Policy.  Please leave the completed forms in the school office.

On the day of your visit, please bring a copy of the Student Excursion Report By Class.  This report can be obtained from your school's Office Administrator.  

If a student who has a Diabetes Management Plan in place, is attending EFSC, as per TDSB policy, please ensure appropriate supplies and Pocket Emergency Card are brought on the trip.


If you wish, you may send home a copy of our Parent Letter.  As well, the Toronto Public Health's Tick Fact Sheet may be helpful.

Not Required for Day Visit to EFSC:

Forms 511A: Request for Excursion Approval by Principal, 511E: Medical Information for Excusions, and Bus Lists for TDSB Outdoor Education Trips to EFSC.