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Severe Cold Weather

In winter, as temperatures drop and the wind chill increases, extra care is taken at each of our Outdoor Education Schools to ensure the safety of our children.

What is Wind Chill?
Wind Chill is the cooling sensation caused by the combined effect of temperature and the wind.

Environment Canada notes that at Wind Chills of –10 to –27, the risk of frostbite is low, although the conditions may seem very uncomfortable without adequate protection. At Wind Chills from –28 to –39, there is an increasing risk of frostbite on exposed skin, and a risk of hypothermia if outside for long periods of time without adequate protection.
(For more information, see http://www.msc.ec.gc.ca/education/windchill/index_e.cfm)

Beating the Chill:
At Etobicoke Field Studies Centre, we check the weather and monitor conditions regularly to ensure that all necessary precautions are made, such as:

  • Encouraging all students to dress properly for the weather conditions. We offer a limited supply of winter clothing.
  • Staying out of the wind. Taking shelter can reduce or eliminate the wind chill factor.
  • Keeping Active. Increasing metabolism generates more body heat
  • Modifying or Rescheduling Programs
  • Keeping Your Child Safe
It is important that parents and guardians ensure their children are dressed appropriately and prepared for the weather conditions.

The following suggestions are precautions that all students and staff can take:
  • Wear a warm hat.
  • Wear layered clothing
  • Protect your feet and hands.
  • Bring extra high energy snacks that may include raisins and other dried fruit. No nuts please.
(For more information, see http://www.safety-council.org/info/OSH/coldfact.htm)

We look forward to your child’s visit this winter. The safety of your child continues to be one of our top priorities.
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