Mission Statement

The Island Natural Science Program offers activities ... in the world outside the school that demonstrate to students the wonders of the natural world and develops within them a respect for the environment and an inspiration to care for it responsibly.
We teach students in grades five and six, living in Toronto, specific expectations of The Ontario Curriculum (1998) with the overlying messages of conservation, communication, and cooperation.

The Island Natural Science Program develops:
* a respect for living things and the environment
* an awareness of the effects of human interaction upon the natural environment
* an awareness of environmental issues and possible solutions
* the attitude and skills to make informed and responsible decisions
* scientific investigative skills using a variety of techniques in a natural setting
* deductive reasoning abilities and skills in problem solving
* communication and social skills through active, co-operative and positive participation

At the Island Natural Science School we believe that: 
Hands-on learning experiences assist students in their understanding and connection with the natural environment
An environment that fosters personal growth, community spirit and environmental responsibility is important.
Learning experiences can, and should, be fun, positive and rewarding.