What happens at camp?

What Happens at Camp?

Wondering what your week at camp will look like? 

We hope this overview will give you a bit of an idea what you can expect at Island Summer Camp!

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Day One  

Monday morning you'll meet us at the ferry docks, and together we'll take the ferry over to the island. When we get there, you'll get to meet your fellow campers, your camp staff, and have some time to get settled in. We'll eat lunch in the dining hall and then spend the afternoon doing some Community Building games all together. The first day will be finished off with a campfire! 


Day Two

Tuesday will be your first full day of camp. Your overnight instructors will wake you up and bring you to the dining hall for breakfast. After eating, you'll get some downtime in the common room, and then we'll get right in to your first program block. You might spend your morning biking around the island, doing watercolour painting, visiting the farm, playing drama games, playing sports, or exploring the garden or forest. We all come together for lunch, then head back out for your afternoon program block.


Every day before dinner you'll get some downtime where you can relax or read a book, play with friends in the common room, or practice for the end of camp Talent Show! After dinner, our evening program begins - you can expect your evening programs to be something like visiting the lighthouse, having a campfire, going for a night hike, or playing a full-camp game of capture the flag. Each day after evening program you will get an evening snack and then head to the dorms to shower and get ready for bed!


Day Three           

Wednesday is all about Team Olympics. Team Olympics is a chance for you and your camp group to show us your team spirit and win points for awards to be given at the end of the week! You'll spend the morning competing in Olympics-style events and cheering each other on. In the afternoon, we all head to the beach and splashpad for some fun games and time to relax after a busy morning! After dinner you'll have your evening program and snack before heading to bed. 


Day Four

Thursday you'll be with your camp group doing the other programs you didn't do on Tuesday. And in the evening, we hold our camp Talent Show!! This is where you get to show off your talents individually, or with a group of your fellow campers. In the past we've had campers sing, play instruments, perform skits, do magic tricks, show off their drawing skills, and more! All talents are welcome!     

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Day Five 

On your last day of camp, you'll get to play the well-known and much-loved Predator and Prey! During our last lunch together, we'll give out awards and celebrate all the friends we made and fun we had over the week! Finally, we'll get on the bus to the ferry docks, and take the ferry back over to the mainland where you'll get picked up to go home.            

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We hope you're looking forward to your week at Island Summer Camp!        


Questions? Contact IslandSummerCamp@tdsb.on.ca