Program Choices: Themes and Individual Programs

Visits to the Island School are organized by themes in order to deepen and connect student learning.  Please read the choices below and use the links on the left to see the individual programs.


Themed Visits


Biodiversity, Sustainability and Climate Change: How can we help mitigate climate change, preserve biodiversity and live sustainably? By being immersed in the outdoor world and learning about biodiversity, students will understand the importance of protecting it which includes understanding how to reduce the impact of climate change.  

Programs may include a biodiversity hike, art, gardening (spring and fall), predator and prey, food and climate change, climate change in the community as well as hiking and biking.


Community and Well being in Nature: How do we use the outdoors to stay healthy and build community?  Students are immersed in the outdoor environment and are challenged to examine how the natural world can help people to live harmoniously, reduce stress and remain healthy.  

Programs may include group initiatives, gardening, hiking, art, biodiversity, survival skills, biking, photo-orienteering in the community, etc.  


Citizen Science in your Neighbourhood: How can we contribute to scientific knowledge in our community to monitor the natural world and what actions can we take? Students will be engaged in collecting scientific data and involved in inquiry projects that will positively impact the environment. 

Programs may include biodiversity, biking, hiking, predator and prey, and climate change in the community.


Art in Nature: How does art help us explore our own and others’ feelings and make connections with the natural world?  Students will explore the artwork of various Canadian artists including Indigenous artists and Land Artists as well as being in the natural world to be inspired to create works of art using several materials that might include water colours, acrylic paints, pencil sketchings and natural materials. 

Programs may include Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, Art inspired by Nature, Watercolor painting, Hike, Sketch and Collaborative Poetry Writing, and Biking. 


Make your own Adventure: Perhaps you want to design your own curriculum related experience to better support your existing programming when your class visits the Island? Just contact us and we can help design your visit to meet the needs of your program and students.