Art Programs

Art Lessons

We have 5 different art lessons to choose from!


Watercolour Painting

Students will get a mini-lesson on the techniques of watercolours, then using the outside world as their inspiration, students will create works of art.

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts


watercolour painting



After hiking to a natural space on the Island students will use found natural materials to create a three dimensional art piece in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts




Acrylic Painting Inspired by Nature

Students will be inspired to paint with acrylics by exploring parts of the island. They will learn of Indigenous artists' artwork and foster their own curiosity of the natural world to create their own artwork on paper and/or rock.  

Curriculum Connections: Visual Art, Social Studies



Hike, Sketch and Collaborative Poetry

Students hike to various areas of the island where they individually make quick sketches using a variety of techniques. Once finished with the sketches, they will attach words to the sketches, break into small groups,  and use these to create  "found poems". 

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts, Language



Nature Photography

        Coming soon....