Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for students...

How do we get to the Island Natural Science School?

A bus will pick you up at your school and drop you off at the ferry docks. You take a 15 minute ferry trip across the Toronto Harbour to the docks where another school bus will take you to the school.

Where do we sleep?
You will be sleeping in the dorms. There are two dorms, North (girls) and South (boys) each with 17 bunk beds.

How will we wake up?
Your teachers will help you to wake up in time for breakfast at 8:00 a.m.

What time will we go to bed?
Bedtime is usually between 9 and 10 p.m.

When do we shower?
Shower times are from 8:30 to 9 p.m.

Are the showers private?
Yes. There are five private showers in each dorm, complete with shower curtains and a hook outside for your towell.

Can I bring a flashlight and iPod?
Please do not bring any electronic devices or a flashlight. If you do, our staff will take it from you for the duration of your stay, and will return it to you when you leave. You will not need either of these. If you bring a camera, please make sure you have your name on it.

Will I be with my friends all the time?
Once you arrive at the school, you will be introduced to the dorms and then divided into your working groups for the week. Your teacher is the one to divide you into the groups, so you will be with classmates.

What is the 3 strike rule?

As in your own school, appropriate behaviour is expected while you are attending the Island Natural Science School. While you are visiting, any inappropriate behaviour is dealt with by giving a student a strike. 

  • Strike One: student is given a warning.
  • Strike Two: Student is required to call his/her home.
  • Strike Three: Student will be sent home 

                Some examples of inappropriate behaviour includes:       

  • Bullying, either physical or verbal
  • hitting, kicking or other forms of violence
  • Using "put-downs"
  • Damaging school property
  • Taking or hiding another student’s belongings
  • Not following safety guidelines