Biodiveristy Inquiry Lessons

Biodiversity Inquiry Lessons

Biodiversity Hike: 

We have three different Biodiversity lessons to choose from!


Biodiversity Hike


Explore Toronto Island and its Biodiversity with a hike through the gardens, fields, shorelines and forests. Students will observe and study plants and animals through various activities (including feeding chickadees) as they hike the trails on the island. 

Curriculum Connections: Science

Garden Biodiversity


Both our Raised Bed and Medicine Garden are planted and maintained by visiting students. During the fall and spring students will participate in a range of activities from planting or collecting seeds, amending the soil, weeding, harvesting, watering. Preparing and cooking their own biscuit flavoured with fresh herbs from the garden is a favorite part of this lesson!

Curriculum Connections: Science


garden boxes


Surveying Biodiversity on the Island


Explore the biodiversity of Toronto Island through a Citizen Science project. Collect and analyse data on biodiversity and biodiversity loss on the island.

Curriculum Connections: Science, Math, Social Studies


Students will be introduced to the concept of biodiversity through an inquiry of natural habitats on the Island. The impact of humans (pollution, invasive species introduction, overpopulation), weather and disease will be discussed on a local and global level. Weather permitting, students will feed chickadees off of their hands.