Climate Change Lessons

Climate Change Programs

We have two different climate change programs to choose from:


Climate Change and the Community 

Using a simulation game, students will see how climate change is affecting the world and how individual and group actions can have not only a positive effect, but can change the course of climate disruption. They will then walk around one of the island communities, and search for and record evidence of how this community is trying to reduce the effects of climate change.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies



Food and Climate Change


Through a simulation game, students will trace the path their food takes from where it grows to where it ends in their homes. This activity will help students see the connection between the distance food has to travel, the amount of pollution produced and how this connects to climate change. Students can use this knowledge to make choices that are more environmentally friendly and ultimately help slow down climate change.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Math



kitkat boxes colour



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Students will be introduced to the concept of biodiversity through an inquiry of natural habitats on the Island. The impact of humans (pollution, invasive species introduction, overpopulation), weather and disease will be discussed on a local and global level. Weather permitting, students will feed chickadees off of their hands.