Conservation of Energy in the Community

Students will visit one of the Island Communities and search for methods and examples of energy conservation used by the “Islanders”.  Students will then map the locations of their observations and share their examples with their group.

Grade 5 Science and Technology:  Overall Expectation: 

  • analyze the long-term impacts on society and the enviroment of human uses of energy and natural resources, and suggest ways to reduce these impacts. 

Learning Goals:

I can use a map to navigate through an unknown community
I can explain how the community of people on the Toronto Islands & my community conserve energy
I can use this activity to help me understand how my choices impact my energy use

Success Criteria:
I successfully used a map and its components to navigate through a new community
I found evidence of energy conservation in the community
I participated in a discussion about creating an action plan to reduce energy use in my own life

Glossary of Terms: 
conservation, renewable and non-renewable resource, refuse-reduce-reuse-recycle, landfill, consumption, compost, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gas, global warming