Evening Programs


The story of the first lighthouse keeper, J.P. Rademuller and his subsequent disappearance is told at the school and students will visit the outside of the lighthouse (and get a peek inside through the front door).



Co-op Games

Through a series of activities and games, students will be presented with opportunities to practice their listening, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. Some of the activities that may be included in this program include: Acid River, Bull-Ring Golf, Flip the Tarp, Mr. Board, Pipeline, Secret Code, and Shrinking Iceberg


Dance and Drama Energizers

By participating in an evening of active drama and dance activities, students will begin to develop co-operation, self-awareness and a sense of community.





Night Hike 

After an introduction to human impact on nocturnal animals, students head out on an exploration of different Island highlights including the south pier, the Maze, Centre Island, and finally, Olympic Island for a view of the city.


Mini Olympics

Students are taught the history of the Olympic Games, both ancient and modern. This aim of this lesson is to encourage an understanding of the “Olympic Spirit” and how participation is valued more than “winning”. Students then "compete" in groups at various events that are either sporting or co-operative