Hike, Sketch and Collaborative Poetry Writing

Students hike to various areas of the island where they will make quick sketches. Once finished with the sketches they will create  "found poems" based on their sketches.

Visual Arts Grade 5/6
Creating and Presenting

  • apply the creative process (see pages 19–22 of the ARTS curriculum document) to produce art works in a variety of traditional two-and three-dimensional forms, as well as multimedia art works, that communicate feelings, ideas, and understandings, using elements, principles, and techniques of visual arts as well as current media technologies;

Language Grade 5/6

  • generate, gather and organize ideas and information to write for an intended purpose and audience.
Glossary of Terms
  • sketch, elements of arts (e.g. line, texture, shape), found poetry, verb, adverb, adjective, senses

Learning Goals:
I can sketch the natural world using a different artistic techniques
I can interpret and respond to a piece of art to collaboratively create a poem

Success Criteria:
I created eight sketches and a collaborative poem