Photo Orienteering

The unique aspects of the community are explored through a visit to Algonquin or Ward’s island. A photo-orienteering activity requires students to improve map-reading skills as they work in partners to locate sites previously photographed. Comparisons between the island community and the community of the students are drawn; students are asked to volunteer reasons why they would choose to live in one community over the other describing the pros and cons of each. Discussion of environmentally preferable means of transportation (i.e. cycling, walking, riding a bus, rollerblading) may also be included.

Grade 5/6 Science and Technology
Overall Expectations:

  • follow established safety procedures for outdoor activities and field work.

Grade 5 Mathematics: Geometry and Spatial Sense, Location and Movement

  • locate an object using the cardinal directions (i.e. north, south, east,west) and coordinate a system (e.g., If I walk north and 3 steps east I will arrive at the apple tree.)

Grade 5 Oral communication 

  • communicate orally in a clear, coherent manner, presenting ideas, opinions and information in a readily understandable form.

Glossary of Terms: Cardinal Directions (north, east, south, west), map, legend, scale