Predator and Prey

A whole/large group activity, the Predator-Prey simulation requires students to step into the role of a predator (owl) or prey (mice). The activity examines predator-prey relationships, human impact on biodiversity, the interdependence of species and their environment and strategies of animal survival. Students are given the task of surviving in a habitat over a predetermined length of time by collecting food and water rations (from signs placed in the area with orienteering punches) and avoiding their predators (other students who mean to ‘tag’ them.) An introduction to rules and expectations and a debriefing session are given by site staff to draw analogies between the simulation and events in the natural world.
Learning Goals:
I can define biodiversity and explain why it is important
I can demonstrate an understanding of how my choices have an impact on biodiversity and my world

Success Criteria:
I answered the written response questions during the debrief
I voiced my action plan to help reduce my impact on biodiversity and on my world