Our Forms

Your daughter or son will be bringing home a number of documents for you to look at. All of these are important for a successful visit. Please take the time to look these over and sign where necessary.

You will receive the following forms:

S1. An equipment and clothing checklist.

Being comfortable outdoors, whatever the weather, is an important factor in an island visit. Please ensure your child has the proper clothing. You can check the following website for Island weather forecasts.
Five day weather forecast

S2. Parent/Guardian Permission Form For Excursions.

This is important information inlcuding what your child will be participating in, transportation issues, cost and requirements, to name a few.

S3. Medical Information Form.

At our meeting with your child’s teacher, our staff are made aware of any medical or food concerns. This is done in a private meeting. Make sure to list any medical concerns, any food allergies and especially any food requirements.

S4. Bike/Photo/Lighthouse Permission Form.

S5. Agreement To Participate.
Respectful behaviour is expected on a visit to our centre. Take the time to review and sign this form with your child.