The Eco schools committee is a team of dedicated students and teachers who are helping the school to be more Eco Friendly and improve our status every year. Volunteer students from each class participate in this club. The students are helping the school through the following activities:



Recycling Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, junior students from the Eco School club, "the Earth Rangers", collect paper from classroom recycling bins and give them to Mr. Hatt, our caretaker. Mr. Hatt then places the bags of recycling in our large bin in the parking lot for pick up. The Eco Club has been very successful and we are well on our way to becoming Gold certified.



Project Standby

Project Standby lets TDSB computers automatically go into "standby" mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. Putting all of the TDSB's 60,000 computers in standby mode when they're not in use will realize approximately 34.1million kilowatt hours of electricity savings, or 11% of TDSB's total consumption. It is projected that 10,000 kilowatt hours will be saved this year, the equivalent of 1000 houses' electricity consumption, or save taxpayers $1.16 million. By doing little things like this, we can make a difference! All our school computers are set for Project Standby.