Principal's Message

Principal's Message

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Dear Students,

From the Principal: Letter to the BCALC Community regarding COVID-19

These are unprecedented times and I wish your families well during this health crisis. I encourage you to reach out to your teachers for support (academic, wellness, community resources, etc.). While keeping up with your studies is important, we realize that you have greater priorities in looking after your families and yourself during these difficult times. Please find that balance and connect with your teachers if you can (email, Google classroom, D2L/Brightspace). Not everyone has internet access at home or a reliable device so the TDSB is looking at ways to remedy or accommodate these issues.

You can also check out the Ministry of Education’s Learning at Home website. This portal provides supplementary learning materials in math and literacy for elementary and secondary students. The website will help keep students learning and engaged during the COVID-19 school closure period. The Ministry has said that these resources do not replace what students have been learning at school, but are intended to help mitigate the loss of learning during the COVID-19 shutdown period. Additionally, there is the TDSB  additional online resources that will support the Ministry’s Learn at Home initiative.

As you have likely heard in the media, Ontario schools will not re-open on April 6. A specific timeline has not been set yet so we will have to continue to listen to the media for these announcements. You can also go to for updates and to read letters from the TDSB Director of Education.

Going forward, student well-being and mental health will also be an important focus. Both school-based staff and Professional Support Services share responsibilities for supporting student well-being. There is a variety of Mental Health and Well-Being Resources for students and families available on the TDSB web.

The next couple of weeks will be used to set up our system for success. We are gathering information, assessing needs, and formulating plans about the continuation of learning and will be communicating with students and families as soon as these plans are finalized. Please take care of yourself and your family and we hope to see you again soon at Burnhamthorpe Collegiate Adult Learning Centre.


Patrick Knight,

BALC Principal