Important Update: Premier Doug Ford has announced that all schools in Ontario, including those at the TDSB, will remain closed past the initial date of April 5, 2020. At this time, no additional details have been provided.
For more information on the school closure, including Questions & Answers, click here.

Elmbank Junior Middle Academy

This is the main portal to learn about all the activities within our school. We have recently added class pages to inform our community about the news, homework and projects that are happening across the school. Within these pages, parents and the community will also find links to helpful resources and suggestions. A few teachers will be creating special webpages or other communication resources like Google Classrooms that will be linked from their classroom page.

Please check back again to see what has been added.  Please let us know how we can improve our site!

Please note that Elmbank is a Scent Free Environment.



Items Coming Soon to Elmbank JMA:   

  • DAY CARE SERVICES - Coming MAY 2021


Achievements at Elmbank

The Elmbank Scrabble Team

The Elmbank Scrabble Team made headline news in the Etobicoke Guardian. Our team did very well in the regional scrabble challenge. 

Amazing Green Team

Keep it Green!

Parents are welcome to view the SORT IT OUT ELMBANK! display board outside the lunchrooms to see how our students are learning to sort waste into garbage, recycling and organics.

Elmbank has been working to reduce our energy consumption by ensuring all vents are not blocked and that air/heat is able to flow easily. Students have been learning that turning the lights off when you leave the room is a great and simple way to conserve energy as well. Soon we will begin preparing for our gardening season by starting seeds indoors. Parents are welcome to attend our Seed Planting Workshops, stay tuned for dates.

COVID-19 At Home Learning Resources for Families

The Board is working to create conditions that will restore connectivity between teachers and students/parents/guardians on a system-wide basis to come into effect the week of April 6.

Parents/Guardians can explore the links to the Ministry of Education’s resources to support students and families distance learning. (see links below) 

All of us also play a key role in monitoring and supporting student mental health and well-being and this should be a primary consideration as we move forward in these challenging times.  Please also take an opportunity to review our mental health and well-being online resources. Your mental health and well-being is also extremely important. 

Learn at Home Resources    -  https://www.ontario.ca/page/learn-at-home

Student Learning Resources  -  https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Elementary-School/Supporting-You/Health-Active-Living/Coronavirus/Learning-Resources

Mental Health and Wellness Resources  -  https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Elementary-School/Supporting-You/Mental-Health-Well-being/Resources-During-Covid-19

Another resource found on the TDSB Virtual Library website:

Virtual Library Link

Additionally you will note that there is a new link on the right hand side of the Virtual Library. This link has two functions. It allows families to request a Learnmark and provides an easy access point for students to login to the Learnmark with their TDSB login.   

Here is a link to a Learnmark for families This version of the Learnmark is dynamic  and we have added passwords to resources that vendors have temporarily opened up that can be found on the Virtual Library. 

Please remind families that it is only for TDSB Families and is not to be shared or posted online when you are adding this to communications.

NELSON Publishing has released access for families to wonderful resources to support student learning for grades 4-8. Use the link below:

Nelson Publishing Learning Resources