Enjoying Our Earth Carefully through EcoSchools


Stream Study, Systems and Cycles in the Outdoors

Once again we have reached the Platinum Level of the EcoSchools program.  We would like to thank the schools who visit EOEC for their support.  Thanks for reaching out to us for assistance with your EcoSchools programs at your school and for allowing us to plan with you to build a culture of sustainability!

Some of our greening initiatives include energy monitoring, water conservation and minimization of waste through our "ecological footprint" challenge, school yard greening, solar energy collection and consistent reminders to visitors regarding initiatives they can continue with at school. 

If you would like to know more about the EcoSchools Programs at the Toronto District School Board go to or contact us.  

A number of mentoring opportunities are available for TDSB schools wishing to become certified during the school year.  Give us a call and we can arrange a sharing session between our Eco-Specialists and your school staff.  Let's make the earth a better place together!


Lesson and Links



Use these exciting links to integrate the outdoors and ecological literacy into and beyond your classroom!  All are fantastic connections to the Global Competencies!

Greenbelt Biodiversity Grant (New 2023):

Schools situated close to the greenbelt (within 5km) can apply for funding up to $5000 to increase biodiversity on their school grounds.

Resources for Rethinking: 

Lesson plans, curriculum units, and other teaching resources that integrate environmental, social, and economic spheres through learning that is interdisciplinary and action-oriented.

National Wildlife Federation: 

Connecting kids and nature by inspiring and integrating the outdoors into lessons and activities.  Highlights current ecological and environmental issues.

The Sustainable Schools Project:

Providing a model of school improvement and civic engagement in relation to sustainability and integration of content within the curriculum.  Also focuses on creating and maintaining community partnerships.