Lesson Resources

Pre and Post Visit Lesson Plans

Here are a few lessons you can use in the classroom before and after your visit to the EOEC. 

Before you arrive:

Cardinal Points Previsit lesson (Map/Compass).pdf

Eco Hike Previsit lesson.pdf

First Nation games and Survival Pre-visit lesson.pdf

GPS Previsit lesson.pdf

Survival Skills Previsit lesson.pdf


After you leave: 

Art in the Wild Extension Task

Instincts for Survival or Biohike Extension Task

Orienteering Extension Task (Map or Compass)

Don't forget to checkout Toronto Outdoor Education Schools (TOES) resource page for lots more lessons, ideas, and activities for your class to GET OUTSIDE!

TDSB Global Competencies



The Toronto District School Board and the Outdoor Education Department have begun a journey of identifying the needs of our students and changing the learning process to suit these needs.  This will lead to a significant paradigm shift within the outdoor education community.  Our mission at the Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre is to identify specific student needs and adjusting or creating new programming which is relevant and guarantees success.  If you look closely at the global competencies there is an excellent opportunity for outdoor educators to integrate these 5 competencies within our lessons as well as into everyday life.  As well, there are significant opportunities for development of pre-visit and post-visit activities which can only strengthen the learning goals of a visit to EOEC.  

The TDSB has identified the following Global Competencies

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Global Citizenship and Character
  3. Communication
  4. Collaboration and Leadership
  5. Creativity, Inquiry and Entrepreneurship
For more information related to this exciting instructional shift consult the link below!