Visit Forms and Files

Forms and Files

We are in the process of streamlining our registration process.  Please be patient during our transitional phase.  


Pre-Visit Paperwork: Please notify the Site Supervisor as to who will be organizing your excursion and they will be happy to share a writeable google doc with all of the necessary forms

 ( is easy and seamless when organizing)


Teacher Program Guides (available in shared google doc format, please ask the Site Supervisor) 

Click here to access the Teacher Information Guide


Completed in Google Doc format two weeks prior to visit:

  • Program Request Sheet 
  • Food Accommodations Sheet 
  • Health Concerns Sheet 
  • Table Setters Sheet
  • Chores List
  • Activity Group List
  • Dorm Plan for Male and Female 

 These forms must be completed in google docs format two weeks prior to your visit to ensure food and program accommodations.


Due on arrival at Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre

Excursion Management Application (EMA) Forms

Medical Form 511E 

Student Media Release Form 

Management of Emergency Medical Concerns Form 536B

This is required if students have medical concerns that require specific responses (i.e., Anaphylaxis).

Diabetes Management Forms 607A and 607B

This is required for all students with Diabetes.

Student List By Class Report

This report must be brought to the centre and is part of Trillium and may be printed by your office administrator. 

TDSB now has form 511E translated into Portuguese, Somali, Spanish 511S, Arabic, Farsi, Punjabi, Urdu 511T, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese 511U, and Hungarian 511V.  Please use these to help parents fill in the English version of the form so that it is accurate when you arrive.