EOEC Programming

The Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre is now offering Themed Based Programming.  We are encouraging teachers to choose a theme that supports classroom learning.  Your visit to EOEC provides a wonderful experiential opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom.  Within each theme, there are a variety of programs to choose from to make up your 4 - 6 day programs and your 2-3 evening programs.  The goal is to ensure that students receive an intensive, capacity building outdoor education experience with specific goals and expectations.  When choosing a theme, please consider your curricular and non-curricular goals for the trip, the season and the needs of your individual students.  Please remember, there is always the opportunity to customize your Outdoor Education Experience!  An EOEC staff member will work with the contact teacher ahead of the trip to ensure program needs will be met and the overall program is cross curricular, engaging and fun!


For a full list of programs and their descriptions, see the menu to the left of your screen. Please note that travel to and from programs may involve the use of bikes, snowshoes, skis, or hiking depending on the season.  


The EOEC Themes


1) Adventure - How can we challenge ourselves physically and mentally in the outdoors?


2) Biodiversity - What are the characteristics of living things and how are they connected?   


3) Community Building - How do our actions and decisions impact ourselves, our community and the world?


4) Indigenous Ways of Knowing - How does an understanding of Indigenous Knowledges help us live in a more sustainable way?


5) Well Being - How do we use the outdoors to stay healthy and be well?


6) Choose your Own Adventure