Evening Programs

Evening Programs

Evening programs run from after dinner (6:30 p.m.) until snack time (approximately 8:00 p.m.) They are designed for the whole group to participate in. When smaller groups are desired the group can be split into smaller sub-groups.  If you wish to have a specific night program designed to meet the needs of your students please contact us and we can work together on an innovative solution.  Please scroll down to read our evening options.

Fall (Sept./Oct) = Fall       Winter ( (Nov.-Apr.)= Snow      Spring (Apr.-June) = Spring  

Campfire FallSnowSpring
Capture the Flag FallSpring
First Nations, Metis and Inuit Games FallSnowSpring
Hide Hank Snow
Night/Sunset Hike FallWinterSpring
Recreational Games FallWinterSpring

* Activities described in any of these programs may need to be revised depending on a number of factors during your trip, for example: weather, time constraints, or group size.   


A fun evening of songs, stories, skits, and the EOEC version of s’mores around a glowing campfire. This fun, and inclusive program allows students to develop their creativity and musical skills. Modifications of this program may occur due to weather.

Capture the Flag

This program is highly active as two teams attempt to find their opponent's flag in a field and forested area of the park and return it to their territory.  Due to the time of dusk, Capture the Flag is only offered from September to mid-October, and from mid-April to June. 

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Games

Students will participate in a variety of traditional Indigenous activities that emphasize the relationship between the people and the land.  This program is delivered by non-Indigenous staff.

Find Frank

Students search for “Frank” in the darkness of Albion Hills while using the adaptive strategy of camouflage and trying to avoid being captured by their teachers and the EOEC Staff.  This program is offered from mid-October until mid-April. 

Night/Sunset Hike

Learners get the opportunity to experience the forest of Albion Hills at night. Students will participate in various activities which may include an introduction to astronomy, animal adaptation to the night environment, and opportunities to step out of their comfort zone.

Recreational Games

This program provides a variety of low organizational games and cooperative activities with a focus on character education traits and learning skills.