About the EOEC



The Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre is an overnight centre that is owned and operated by the Toronto District School Board.  While visiting, our students are provided with an excellent opportunity to develop responsible attitudes toward the environment and, through direct experiences in that environment, achieve many of the goals and objectives set out in their grade specific curriculum.

According to the Ministry of Education, now more than ever, it is important that learners "develop an awareness of the natural environment and of how it affects, and in turn is affected by human activities." The Toronto District School Board is committed to ensuring that our students "will have a growing understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live".

The social aspect of the program is also valuable. Learners will be living and working with their classmates and will have an opportunity to develop co-operation and teamwork skills through both field work and other responsibilities, such as dormitory clean-up, table setting and outdoor group activities.

The program at the Centre is a structured teaching-learning experience in an outdoor setting and is considered an important part of the curriculum.  For more information about the roles and responsibilities of our visiting students, please download and review our Parent Student Handbook.