Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child receive a special meal if needed for religious, health or medical reasons?

Special meals can be requested prior to visits by the learner. The kitchen can provide meals to suit many special needs pertaining to religious, medical, or health reasons. Please ensure that your online medical and dietary forms are complete and up to date. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions related to our meals.  

Is it a vacation?

While we hope that you do have fun during your stay with us, the Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre is operated by the Toronto District School Board. We like to say that the students are "just trading their school for ours this week". Each day students will be exposed to programs with direct curriculum links back to the classroom. All rules regarding behaviour, expectations, and policies of the Toronto District School Board are followed at the centre. 

What are the living accommodations like?

There are two separate dorm wings on opposite sides of the building. Students will live 2 - 4 in a room, each room containing two bunk beds.  There is a separate teacher room located in each wing.  Each hall has separate washrooms and private showers in a central location. Students are asked to keep the dorms clean and help with chores in the morning to keep our living conditions up to standard. The center is checked monthly for pests of all kinds by a professional pest control company. 

Will my child be safe at the Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre? 

All staff are Toronto District School Board employees. The staff are trained in first aid and emergency procedures. Your child will be under direct supervision during program time by the E.O.E.C. staff and after hours by their homeroom teacher. The facility is locked at night and has full fire alarm protection. 

Where is the centre located and how do I get there? 

The Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre is located at the Albion Hills Conservation Area. It is 6.2 kilometres north of the town of Bolton on Highway 50. It is north of the King Side Road but south of Highway 9. Go to the Contact Us section of our website for an address and map.