Our Facility

Our Facility


bedroom photo

Learners stay four to a room with a maximum of thirty-two learners in each dormitory. The East and West dormitories are situated on opposite sides of the building.



 washroom pictures

Each dormitory has washroom facilities which include sinks, toilets and private showers. Learners are responsible for helping to keep the washrooms tidy.



 Mudroom Photo

Learners are each assigned a "cubby" to store indoor shoes and outdoor boots. Rubber or winter  boots are loaned to each learner for the length of their stay.



 Poncho picture

The centre can provide raincoats, rubber boots, winter coats, winter boots, gloves, and hats for students that do not have access to these items.  




Common Room Picture 

Our Common Room is used for inside free time.  It is equipped with quiet board games, puzzles, and a nature library.