What are the characteristics of living things and how are they connected?


Students will participate in a set of programs to investigate the characteristics of living things and how these living things are connected in the environment. Programs may include; 


Fall = Fall Winter = Snow Spring = Spring March (Sap Season) = Sap Season

Biodiversity Debate FallSnowSpring
Biodiversity Hike FallSnowSpring
Flight FallSnowSpring
Maple Syrup  Sap Season
Mountain Biking FallSpring
Nature Photography Fallwinterspring
Sharing the Dish (Indigenous Focus) Fallwinterspring
Stream Study FallSpring
Wolf Prowl FallWinterSpring

* Activities described in any of these programs may need to be revised depending on a number of factors during your trip, for example: weather, time constraints, or group size.   Please note that travel to and from programs may involve the use of bikes, snowshoes, skis, or hiking depending on the season.