Frequently Asked Questions

 Where is the camp located and how do I get there? 
The camp is located at the Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre, and is located at the Albion Hills Conservation Area. It is 6.2 kilometers north of the town of Bolton on Highway 50. It is north of the King Side Road but south of Highway 9. 

What does my child need to bring to camp?
Your child will need a variety of items for their stay, you will receive a packing list upon registration. 

What kind of bedding should I send with my child? 
A sleeping bag and a pillow are best. If you do not own a sleeping bag, sheets and a blanket are fine as well. A single fitted sheet is recommended for everyone.  

Should I send snacks with my child? 
Sending snacks is not necessary. We provide three large meals a day, and evening snack. 

Where is the bus pick up and drop off for campers coming from the Greater Toronto Area? 
West end pick up - 1 Civic Centre Court, Etobicoke (TDSB West Education Office) 
East end pick up - 140 Borough Drive, Scarborough (TDSB East Education Office) 

Will I be able to pick up and drop off my child, instead of taking the bus? 
The drop off time for campers not taking the bus is between 9:30am-10:00am on the first day of the camp session. If you are picking up your child, please come between 12:30pm and 1:00pm on the last day of the camp session. In both cases, you must email or phone in advance to arrange pick ups and/or drop offs, otherwise it is assumed that your camper will be taking the camp bus from Toronto. Please note that camp fees will remain the same should you choose to transport your child to/from camp.

If I am registering two (or more) children, will I get a discount? 
Yes. If you are sending two children from the same household, both will receive a $25 discount.

What are the living accommodations like? 
Campers will live 4 to a room with the boys in one dorm wing and the girls in another. Dorm wings are on opposite sides of the building and are not directly connected. Camp staff stay in the dorm with the students of the same gender. Each dorm has separate washrooms and showers in a central location. Campers are asked to keep the dorms clean as it is a shared living area. 

How often will my child be able to shower? 
During the 5 day stay, campers are given the opportunity to shower in the evening before bed. 

What time will my child be getting to bed? 
Campers are in bed and lights are out by 10pm.  

Will I be able to communicate with my child during their stay? 
Campers are able to receive e-mail, please do not attach pictures or graphics. Campers will only be able to respond via regular mail, if you send your child with an envelope and postage. We do not provide envelopes and postage. Mail will be dropped off to the post office nightly. Address e-mails to and put your camper's name in the subject heading. Please limit emails to 1 per camper per session.  

Please note that our phone lines are business lines and campers do not have access to dial or receive phone calls.  

Can my child use their personal cell phone or electronic device while at camp? 
We have an no electronics policy at Camp. These items may be lost or stolen, and replacement is at the owner's expense. Please do not bring personal electronics (cell phones, electronic readers, laptops etc.) to camp. These items will be collected for safekeeping upon arrival, and will be returned only on the last day of camp. Digital or film cameras are okay, however we are not responsible for any loss or damage to these items. 

My child needs assistance taking regular medication. How will this be administered during their camp stay? 
Camper's medication is collected on the day of arrival, and all administration of medication is recorded and done by our Senior Staff members. 

My child has special dietary restrictions, can this be accomodated at camp? 
Our kitchen staff can accomodate most dietary restrictions. Please fill out our medial and dietary form for specific dietary accomodations. 

My child has a severe nut allergy. Can they still attend camp? 
Yes. Camp in the Hills has a strict no-nut policy and our kitchen has a nut-free menu. Please also remember to send your child's EPI-PEN with them to camp. They are required to carry it at all times. We will provide a pouch if they do not have a carrying case for their EPI-PEN.  

Who will be supervising my child? 
All staff are Toronto District School Board employees with valid Vulnerable Sector Police Checks. The staff are certified and trained in first aid and emergency procedures. Your child will be under direct supervision during program times by the camp staff. There will be two female and two male staff onsite overnight. The facility is locked at night and has full fire alarm protection.