Rules for Outdoor Play

Rules for Outdoor Play



  • Students must remain within sight of staff members at all times, in the area bounded by the south fence of the baseball diamond to the north and the south wall in the school yard to the south and no further than the concrete on the fence to the east.
  • The Kindergarten/Childcare playground area is designed for the use of kindergarten and pre-school daycare children. The schedule will be posted in the September "Update" and on the school website.


Ball games

  • Ball games must be played away from school doors or windows.
  • Balls may be thrown at blank walls (not at windows).
  • Only tennis balls or other soft balls may be used. No hard balls on the playground.
  • The roof will be cleared of balls periodically, but not every day. Students must take care to avoid throwing balls onto the roof. Students should be sure to write their name onto any ball that they bring to school. There are school balls available for students to share.


Playground Apparatus

  • All playground equipment must be used safely and with consideration for others.
  • Students using the playground in an unsafe manner may lose playground privileges.
  • Students may not enter the playground until a staff member is inside the playground area (standing on the wood chips). In some weather conditions (e.g., the equipment is wet or icy, the ground is hard), Principal or staff on duty may decide that the playground is out-of-bounds.
  • No touching anybody else.
  • No running (or tag).
  • Take turns on the equipment.
  • No hanging upside down.
  • Scarves must be well tucked into coats.
  • No food, balls, backpacks or ropes while playing on the equipment.
  • Go down the slides only, not up.



  • Follow the rules of play which have been taught in the Physical Education program.
  • Take turns.
  • Settle disagreements away from the tetherball equipment (and allow the next pair of students to play).



  • Students must line up at the appropriate door to use the washroom and wait to be let in by the Door Monitors. Washrooms must be used appropriately and respectfully.


Ice/Snow/Wet Conditions

  • Students will respect the direction for a "pavement" recess by staying away from wet and muddy areas.
  • No sliding on patches of ice.
  • No throwing ice or snow.