Safety at Selwyn

Safety at Selwyn



Please remember that children under 18 must wear a bicycle helmet by law. If children ride their bikes to school they must dismount once they have arrived at school and, upon leaving, should not ride the bicycle until they have left school property at the end of the day. During school hours (8:45 - 3:45), bicycles must not be ridden in the school playground. Please teach your child how to lock his/her bicycle securely. The school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.



Teachers dismiss students through the school yard doors. Parents/guardians/caregivers are asked to wait for students in the school yard. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to exit by the front or parking lot doors. On certain occasions, a teacher may ask students to remain in class until 3:45 p.m. Parents will be contacted about this request. If students need to leave early for an appointment, they must be signed out at the office by a parent/guardian. Please inform the teacher in advance so that the teacher can help the student to be prepared to leave early. When you arrive to sign out your child, the Office Administrator will call the student down to the office to meet you.


Dogs (and other pets) on School Property

Dogs and other pets are permitted on school property only for special programs or with prior approval by the Principal. Please do not bring dogs to the schoolyard during school hours.



To ensure student safety, playground doors are locked during the day. To enter the school between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., please use the main entrance on Selwyn Avenue and sign in at the office. Students use the east doors leading to and from the playground to enter and exit the school. When bringing children to school or picking them up at dismissal times, parents, guardians or caregivers are asked to wait outside the school and meet students at the playground doors. ONLY students who will be boarding buses at 3:30 use the front doors on Selwyn Avenue.



Students are expected to enter the school through the school yard doors which are designated for their class. In the morning, students should arrive at or after 8:45 as this is when supervision of the school yard begins. Students who are driven to school and dropped off should go to the school yard to wait for the bell and then enter through the school yard doors. When the bell rings, students line up by their door and wait for staff to direct them into the school. Students who arrive by school bus are met by a staff member. If they arrive before 8:45, they must stay inside the school until the bell rings at 8:45. Then they will join the other students in the school yard and enter the school by the school yard doors. On rainy or extremely cold days, students should arrive at school as close to entry time as possible to avoid a long wait in the school yard. A double bell is rung early in severe weather conditions (8:45 a.m. or 12:35 p.m.).


Parking/Pick Up and Drop Off of Students

The parking lots at Selwyn and G.A. Brown are reserved for school personnel only. Please use the designated area at the south end of Selwyn School accessed through the G.A. Brown parking lot or the designated drop off zones to the north and south of the school (but not right in front of the main doors as this is a school bus zone). Please - no idling!! Do not park or leave your car running in this area. If you need to park, please use a legal parking spot on the street. School bus loading zones and drop-off/pick-up areas are clearly marked along Selwyn Avenue. Watch for students at all times.


Visiting the School

ALL visitors - parents, guardians, or anyone picking up or dropping off a student, volunteers, itinerant teaching staff, delivery persons must check in and out of the school office according to TDSB's Safe Schools policy. Visitors/Volunteers/Parents are asked to wear an identification tag while in the school.