Principal's Message

Welcome to West Hill Collegiate Institute where our core values centre around Service Excellence through the 3 Pillars of Well Being, Equity and Achievement.

We are a medium-sized school with a big heart.

We are large enough to offer a diverse range of programming for all students, yet small enough that we know everyone in our care.

Through offering a variety of programming, we are able to capture the passions and interests of students entering our school from a variety of feeder schools and beyond. As a STEM Centre of Excellence, West Hill offers an Enriched Program in Grade 9 through an application process.  This Specialized Program offers enrichment for students in Science, Technology, English and Math. In their senior years many of these students choose to challenge themselves through the rigorous curriculum of Pre-AP and AP courses offered at West Hill.

We are an active school and offer a variety of co-curricular activities within our building, which have been created based on student need and student voice – from athletics (team and recreational) to the arts, library, leadership, WE, GSA, faith-based clubs, chess/board games, student mentorship, environmental / eco, university mentors, meditation – there is something for everyone.  At West Hill CI, we believe we cannot do everything on our own and as a result, we have a very strong parent community as well as a diverse offering of Partnerships both inside and outside of our school.

We invite conversations and are open to be inspired through our community of learners, their families and our larger community.


Wendy Blain