Post-Secondary Planning

Post-Secondary Planning

Did you know that there are five initial post secondary destinations? With so many possibilities, it can be difficult to decide. It is never too early to make an appointment with your future!



Skilled tradespeople are in high demand! To find out more about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program visit:

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Government of Ontario "hire an apprentice" program



Link to all Ontario colleges and their websites

Ontario colleges are cost effective, community oriented and on the cutting edge of career preparation. To find out more, visit:

Ontario Colleges encourage students to contact them directly for answers to your questions about the application process:



Link to all Ontario universities and their websites

Start your journey into university programming by visiting

For important updates and application information visit:


Workplace Preparation

For students planning on going straight into the workplace from high school, our Co-operative Education program can give you a head start on preparing for skills that are essential for the workplace.

For help in your job search try: and to connect with community and job agencies in our area.


Gap Year

Not quite sure about what you want to do after graduation? Consider taking a “year off” to “buy-into” an enriching experience through work or service in your local and/or global community. See your counsellor for help in planning your gap year activities.