Summer School - Register by June 25th!

Here are your current three options for summer school.

All summer school sign ups MUST be completed by Thursday, June 25th. Once you sign up for summer school your parent/guardian MUST email your guidance counsellor indicating that they approve of summer school, and the counsellor can formally approve it.

1) For students who have failed any class (except French), last year or this year. 

Remote Credit Recovery summer school, month of July - credit recovery for failed courses (what was formerly our remedial summer school in previous years)
- students who have failed a course in 2019/20 or 2020/21 can recover *up to* 8 credits via credit recovery summer school. Students will be working from an online platform with a credit recovery teacher. Students may stop classes as soon as they have finished their recovery(ies), so it may not take the whole month.
- deadline to register - June 25
- from July 6 to July 31
- pick "RCR1O1" via e-Reg
2) For students who want to take a NEW, FULL CREDIT course in July (* you cannot be doing an RCR1O1 course!)
Fully Remote Summer Credit Program, month of July - this is a NEW, full credit course that is now entirely online (but not the same as July e-learning, which has closed for registration. Students that need to catch up on a full credit or reach ahead can apply with the right prerequisites. This is for the entire month.
- deadline for students to register - June 25
- from July 6 to July 31
3) For students who want a NEW, FULL CREDIT course in August (*yes, you can take RCR1O1 in July and a new credit in August)

eSummer Program - session 2 (August): this is a NEW, full credit summer school that all students can take, even if they have signed up for Credit Recovery or Remote Hybrid in July. It is entirely online and runs the month of August. 

- deadline to register - June 25
- from Aug. 4 to Aug. 28