West Hill Fine Arts


West Hill Fine Arts has made it our mandate to enrich the lives of hundreds of students each year through Fine Arts Exploration. Each arts studio, offers unique methods of bringing art to life through the use of hands on training, experimenting and studio work with professional guest artists. Our arts areas include Visual Arts, Media Arts, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Vocal and Band.  Our classrooms are equipped with quality instruments to help all students on their journey of discovery.


To foster the creative and intellectual development of Scarborough youth through quality arts programs, led by arts professionals. Through collaboration, students develop the tools needed for greater success in the arts. This in turn, leads to greater success in other subject areas through inquiry, critical thinking and investigation.


All students deserve to have an education that includes the benefits of artistic leadership and education: developing their own works, supporting the work of others, learning to see the world through the artistic lens.  As skilled observers, they use their imagination and critical thinking to create in exciting, innovative ways. These tools for growth are fostered in a safe environment where students are encouraged to take risks and explore new facets of their self through the work. Teachers, Administrators and Students, value and benefit from quality arts education.


Since West Hill has opened, graduates of our arts programs have succeeded in taking their talent to the next level. They have gone on to study at acclaimed programs such as OCAD, Ryerson Theatre School, York University Theatre Program, Humber College (Comedy Arts Program), The University of Toronto Theatre Program, Dean Armstrong Film and Television Program, Louis Beaumander Acting Studios, Second City Improv, Bad Dog Theatre, Driftwood Theatre, Shakespeare in the Rough, University of Toronto Opera Performance Program, The Shaw Festival and The Theatre Resource Center, among many other notable post-secondary institutions and theatres. Last year, two of our students were nominated for a Dora Award.