Family Studies, Social Sciences & the Humanities

Family Studies

Family Studies is an interdisciplinary field of Social Sciences where students learn how to be active and contributing members of the family, their school and community. Our junior level courses include an introductory course for the grade 9's (HIF1O) and a Food and Nutrition course for the grade 10's (HFN2O). Our senior level courses are offered at both the college and university level and include Nutrition and Health (HFA4U/C), Fashion (HNC3C, HNB4M), Parenting (HPC3O), Individuals & Families (HHS4U) and Personal Life Management (HIP4O). Students are engaged through group challenges, conducting their own social science research and in various opportunities to problem solve. We focus on practical life skills such as cooking, baking, sewing and child care. Students learn how to make nutritious food choices, how to take care of themselves and their family, how to properly manage time and money, and how to prepare for independent living. We take an in-depth look at ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses - and how that can help us reach our full potential. All while strengthening our skills and expanding our knowledge in numeracy, literacy, science, technology and art. We hope you join us on this exciting journey!