Library Learning Commons

This is your library, so come and enjoy all it has to offer!

Books? We have thousands of those! (for love of all things reading, research and really cool facts)

Computers? Yup! 

Quiet study carrels? Check! 

A room for small group work and one for hanging out? You betcha! 

Online resources for peer-reviewed journals, periodicals, and a ton of accessible, high-quality research? Definitely!

It is an active bustling hub of collaborative, cooperative, and individual learning. With teacher-librarians and a wealth of online and print resources, students learn to locate, assess, and process the information they need for assignments, to read for fun and for depth, and to become independent life-long learners. The teacher-librarians collaborate with classroom teachers across subject areas to design and carry out research assignments, select and teach effective and ethical use of print and online resources, and maintain a physical and virtual programme for students 24/7.

Library Hours:  The Library is open every period of every day. As well, the teacher-librarians volunteer their extra-curricular time to keep the library open at most lunches, and after school on most regular school days.

At home and need library resources? The TDSB Virtual Library is open 24/7 for all of your research needs. Please ensure that you have your LearnMark with any passwords that you might need to access online publications that the TDSB pays for so that students can use them.

VIDEO: 5 Cool Things about the Virtual Library