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Here are the assigned library days:

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Day 1 - Tang

Day 2 - Nazareth, McDermott

Day 3 - Law, Hershoran, Murji

Day 4 - Lukawy, Preston

Day 5 - Mankali

Our library functions as a hub of learning with access to computers, tablets and of course - books!! It is an exciting place for our children to explore, learn and grow.  I look forward to an exciting year.


How do I get my kids interested in reading??

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Here is an interesting article about getting your kids interested in reading:

To raise a lifelong literature lover, make it fun, not work.





















What is coding?

You’ve seen the craze for learning code. But what exactly is coding? Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and this website – they’re all made with code.


Coding, in the simplest of terms, is telling a computer what you want it to do, which involves typing in step-by-step commands for the computer to follow.

There are many programs available to help students learn coding, many of them available on our Virtual Website. Scratch is a common program but there are many more options in