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               Grade 1/2 Class!


Hi Everyone,

I just want to say "hello" to everyone. I know these are very difficult times for all of us. We all need to stay positive and hope this phase of our lives will be over soon! Please stay safe and healthy!   


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- graphic organizers, webs, lists to gather and organize ideas

-use capitals, periods, questions marks and exclamation marks

-make connections to personal experiences and other books

-write personal stories, letters, recounts, poetry, recipes, procedural and opinion-based writing

-orally retell stories and give personal opinions about books read

-proofreading/editing of work

-identifying main ideas in stories

-fluency and expression when reading


-recognize large numbers and number patterns

-skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s and 25s

-adding and subtracting using counting up and counting down method

-problem-solving strategies

-calendar activities - temperature, weeks, days, months, place value

- telling time on an analog and digital clock, capacity, mass, temperature, counting money and making change

- geometry - 2D and 3D shapes/positional geometry

- probability games using words like "most likely", "impossible", "always" etc.




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