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Grades 2/3

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Reading - making inferences; asking questions; gathering information from non-fiction texts

Writing - OREOs (opinion/persuasive writing); "hamburger" paragraphs


Algebra - Coding: exploring Botley, Coding and Robotics, Scratch and various unplugged activities; exploring vocabulary connected to coding, such as sequence, loop and concurrent events (grade 3)  

Financial Literacy: represent money amounts in different ways; making change (grade 3)

Number: Multiplication and Division


Air and Water in the Environment/Growth and Changes in Animals (Gr. 2)/Soils in the Environment/Growth and Changes in Plants (Gr. 3)

Big Ideas: How are air, water, plants, animals and soil connected?  How do our actions affect the quality of our environment (air, water, soil) and impact plants and animals?

Social Studies

Global Communites (Gr. 2)/Living and Working in Ontario (Gr. 3)

Big Idea: How does the environment influence our communities?



The purpose of homework is to review concepts and strengthen skills.  Not only does it encourage the development of self-discipline and good work habits, it also acquaints parents with in-school learning experiences. Homework should be completed when assigned and returned to school the following day. Please check and sign your child's agenda every day.


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