We continue to make every effort possible to increase parent engagement at Brookmill Blvd. Jr. P.S. We are fortunate enough to be in a very diverse and culturally rich community and have a growing Parent Council who meet regularly and provide their input. Members of the Brookmill staff represent the many cultures and languages of our students and community. We encourage our staff and parents to continue sharing their ideas and experiences and inspire our students to reach their potential. Parents are welcome to all school information sessions and interpreters are available upon request.

The voice of every parent and student is important and valued. We encourage our parents to get involved in the growth of our students, school and community and thank them for their continued support. You can become involved in the school through:
  • volunteering in the classroom and on trips
  • joining our school council
  • attending assemblies and special events
  • attending special evenings, curriculum events and parent teacher interviews
  • checking the school website


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60 minute kids club
The 60 Minute Kids’ Club is a fun and engaging program designed to get children in Kindergarten to
Grade 8 excited about making the right healthy choices. It also supports meeting federal guidelines for
60 minutes of daily activity. Kids are empowered and enabled, through movement, to be healthy, happy
and connected to their communities.

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