Ms. Lukawy

Welcome to Room 103 - 2019/2020 School Year

Ms. K. Lukawy, Ms. C. Dixon-Correia, Ms. Y. Sham

The Kindergarten Curriculum

We are on a 5 day cycle. 


Day 1 -  Gym (a.m.) and Music (p.m.) with Ms. Wey


Day 2 -  Music (a.m.) with Ms. Wey 


Day 3 - Health (p.m.) with Ms. Vasic   


Day 4 - Library (a.m.) with Ms. Dyce


Day 5 - Gym (p.m.) with Ms. Wey                   

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Please keep your child at home until he or she has fully recovered from an illness.   

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Regular reminders:

* Bring your V.I.P. book bag to school each day

* Keep a pair of indoor shoes at school 

* Bring 2 nut free healthy snacks to school each day

* Dress appropriately for the weather

* Bring a water bottle to school