Our Mission

To encourage the unfolding of a vigorous force in the mind; to demand professional standards, technical skills and pride in craftsmanship; to put ideas into tangible form


  • Availability of staff beyond class time
  • We provide a dedicated teaching staff with industry experience
  • Foundational training in many areas of fine art & design
  • Links to art community, professional opportunities
  • Open studios and extra time in all disciplines
  • Small intimate population with a wide diversity of age and background, both economic and social.
  • Balance between figurative and nonrepresentational work in drawing, sculpture.
  • Professional and expert life models for the dedicated life classes
  • Co-op program with access to a wide variety of art disciplines in both the fine and applied art fields.
  • Portfolio preparation course
  • Field trips, near and far
  • A support group of volunteers

Professional and Creative Objectives

  • General foundation in all art subjects
  • Contemporary and classical training
  • Sense of professionalism
  • The ability to make sound artistic judgements and evaluate all types of work
  • Excellent and vital mix of adult and high school art students
  • Creative interpretation in all areas
  • Care and encouragement from a dedicated teaching staff
  • Family atmosphere of purpose
  • Strong student rapport

Program Highlights and Goals

  • An annual exhibition of the finest work of students and staff
  • Strong art history curriculum
  • Broad training in arts perception
  • Strong grounding in broad and solid art vocabulary
  • Awareness of the arts community, locally and internationally
  • Awareness of the vital role of art in the national culture and economy
  • Interaction between a variety of art skills and principles
  • Ability to broaden and consolidate personal philosophy


The highly regarded Art Centre of Central Technical School provides a solid foundation for entry into an art profession, or further specialized art education for any student with the desire and talent to seek a career in art - now the fourth largest employment group in Canada. The Specialized Art Program aims at student development in creativity, technical skills, and growth in judgement, and appreciation.

The art program has been designed to give students a solid grounding in two and three dimensional work. This broadly based core of subjects provides a comprehensive and rigorous visual arts education leading to confident and creative personal expression.


Semesters: Grade nine, ten, eleven and twelve courses are non-semestered. Each course is scheduled for a specific number of hours of direct instruction with a faculty member, throughout the school year.

Credits: Each credit course is assigned a number of sections per credit. The number of credits corresponds to the number of direct hours of instruction per week.

The grade twelve (2 credit) portfolio course is only offered in the first semester.