Extended Activity Weeks

A few times per year we have Extended Activity Weeks where we follow a different schedule.

First Extended Activity Week - End of October

During Extended Activity Week you get to participate in all kinds of fun workshops led by parent volunteers, teachers, student teachers and even students. Workshops have included yoga, activist button making, sewing, cartooning and cinnamon bun making. We even bake cookies for the Halloween dance. Another great thing about Extended Activity Week is that it allows you time to finish your work if you're falling behind. In fact, you can’t participate in the fun activities until you’ve caught up on all your work. And if you need help finishing, well, the teachers are all there to support you and give you an extra push to get it all done. This keeps anyone from falling too far behind.


Winterfeast Prep Week - December

Our second Extended Activity week is to prepare for our Winter Concert. We spend the week fine-tuning our performances, having choir rehearsals, and practising with our rock bands. There are also work periods and a few fun workshops.


Community Service Week - April (Bi-annually)

During Community Service Week students at City View go to help out at places like women’s shelters, daycares and refugee support centers. For each different place there is a mixed group of 7s and 8s that you go with. It’s a really eye opening experience. When Community Service week is over, many students wish that it could be longer. They love helping out. One cool thing is that it’s a great way to network and you could end up volunteering at the organization in the future.Community Service Week





Drama Week - May

During Drama Week we do a special drama showcase that we prepare and rehearse in Language Arts and Drama classes. Check out the flyers to see some Drama Week productions in past years. 

According to My Calculations by Kimathi B 2014
Dont Go Chasing.jpg Eat Your Words.jpg Echos Garden.jpg Forgive but Never Forget.jpg Healing is Harder.jpg Heroic Deeds of Edwin.jpg Kulit.jpg Letters.jpg Life on a Shelf.jpg Mecoubmoosa.jpg Meeting Curriculum.jpg Midnight Sorrow.jpg Love is Love.jpg Muck Waters.jpg New School New World.jpg Nickels, Pennies and Dimes.jpg Observations.jpg Running on Empty.jpg Search for E Sharp.jpg Smitten.jpg Summer of Surprises.jpg Summer with Hanna.jpg Super Melon Man.jpg Talk.jpg The Flight.jpg The Missing Game.jpg The Outsider.jpg The Shop.jpg This Makes Me.jpg Train Station.jpg Untitled.jpg Visiting Hours.jpg