Time Management

The Time Management sheet is a list of assignments due for all subjects. TMs are released digitally through Google Classroom every Monday. Students have a half-hour class each Day 5 to go over the sheet with a teacher and begin to fill in their Agenda or Calendar with due dates. While this system can seem really great at first, it can also be a little overwhelming. We ask parents to support students with finishing the task of filling in their Agendas at home on evenings Monday evenings. The following Sunday evening, we ask you to meet with your young person again when they check off all their completed work. We do ask all families coming in to City View to commit to using this TM sheet. 

Sample Grade 7 TM Sheet


Google Classroom: 

All teachers now use Google Classroom for all classes. Students will be taught how to use it effectively in early September and most assignments, criteria and supporting materials are now posted on Google Classroom. Most student work is also submitted through Google Classroom.