As a school with a focus on equity and social justice, sometimes our learning and our beliefs lead us to take action on issues that are important to us. This could be something small, like reducing the amount of meat we eat, or it could be big, like attending a protest. 

City View runs a weekly Queer Straight Alliance. Some students in the group are trainers, and go out to run workshops for students and teachers about how to open an all gender washroom in their school. And that's because in June of 2013 City View opened our very own, multi-stall all gender washroom!


White Ribbon OutreachWhite Ribbon Outreach: At the end of November, we remember the Montreal Massacre and work to end violence against women. We set up information centers at fourteen street corners around Toronto to represent the fourteen women who lost their lives at École Polytechnique. We hand out information and raise money to support women's shelters. We've raised close to $58,000 in the past 19 years for local women's shelters.


In grade eight Media Studies, each student creates a documentary (over the course of the year) on some issue of justice that they are passionate about. The projects always include concrete forms of taking action to make the world a better place. Every few years we hold the Reel View Film Festival to showcase documentaries made by our students.