Mathematics and Numeracy


The goal of the Ontario mathematics curriculum is to provide all students with the key skills required to:

  • understand the importance of and appreciate the beauty and wonder of mathematics;
  • recognize and appreciate multiple mathematical perspectives;
  • make informed decisions and contribute fully to their own lives and to today’s interconnected local and global communities;
  • adapt to changes and synthesize new ideas;
  • work both independently and collaboratively to approach challenges;
  • communicate effectively;
  • think critically and creatively to connect, apply, and leverage mathematics within other areas of study including science, technology, engineering, the arts, and beyond.

Students learn and apply the mathematical processes as they work to achieve the expectations outlined in the curriculum. The mathematical processes that support effective learning in mathematics are as follows:

  • problem solving
  • reasoning and proving
  • reflecting
  • connecting
  • communicating
  • representing
  • selecting tools and strategies

(from the Ontario Ministry of Education Mathematics Curriculum, 2020)

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Course Outlines

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Grade 9
Principles of Mathematics
Grade 10
Grade 11 University
Advanced Function
Grade 12 University
Functions and Applications
Grade 11 College/University
Mathematics of Data Management
Grade 12 University
Foundations for College Mathematics
Grade 11 College
Calculus and Vectors
Grade 12 University
Foundations for College Mathematics
Grade 12 College